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UX & Visual Design

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I’m a multidisciplinary designer specializing in UX and Visual Design.  I have a history of designing products that consumers, clients, and customers love.

User Experience, User Interface, and Digital Design excite me.  I want to know everything I possibly can about the process and create products that are effortless, effective, and engaging. 

I love that by gaining a full understanding of the user, one can gather evidence of how to create the best end product.

I’m not your average UX/UI designer. While a newcomer to the field, I have designed best-selling consumer goods for brands including Vera Wang, Tiffany, and Wedgwood among many others. Synergistic teamwork, a steadfast dedication to getting the product ‘right’, and an intelligent curiosity are hallmarks of my work.  

I see the Big Picture and Think Big: what are your goals as a company?  What are the goals of your users? How can I align these goals and come up with a solution that is a win across all channels?

The General Assembly Web Development Immersive course that I recently completed was a game changer:  through it my eyes were opened to the world of digital design. With an understanding of full stack web development, a highly trained eye as a designer, and a passion to succeed, I am actively honing my knowledge and skills as a UX/UI designer every day. I am confident I can learn anything with discipline and determination. 

TL;DR? Click HERE to see my process in action!

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“I aim to be a superlative UI/UX designer and to create products that are effortless, engaging, and effective.”











I am currently developing Coffee Connoisseur, a mobile-first app for coffee aficionados to track their opinions of coffees and tastings. I am approaching this project as a full-fledged exploration of UX, information architecture, and UI. I am excited to share my journey with you!

To view the first round fully interactive prototype built with Sketch and inVision, click HERE!


This is the full-stack project I built during the Web Development Immersive course (visit the original app):


After getting positive feedback on the original design I decided to explore turning the app into a reality. These are my updated screen layouts, ready for getting user feedback prior to re-working and prototyping.


Micro-Interaction created as a screen loader for Coffee Connoisseur.


I am documenting my journey creating Coffee Connoisseur. If you would like to learn more about my process (wire frames, information architecture, personas, etc), please click on the link below.



A recent graduate of General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive, I have built full-stack and front-end apps. I have a good grasp of coding skills including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and have also coded with JQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX, JSON, and Curl.


Coffee Geek

My first full-stack app! Geared towards on-the-go updating of coffee tastings, Coffee Geek is designed to be used on mobile devices. The planning of this project included creating user stories, ERD’s (Entity Relationship Diagrams) and wireframes. The backend was built with Ruby on Rails, JSON, and SQL. CRUD actions access the database.


No Ordinary World Memory Game

A full-stack app featuring my digitally painted artwork of endangered species. Authentication allows users to save ‘favorite’ animals. The database was generated from a CSV and will allow for expansion of the app as a learning resource.


Tic Tac Toe

A cloud-based Single Page Application (SPA). GitHub was used for version tracking, HTML5 and CSS3 for design and page structure, JQuery for DOM manipulation and event handling, and AJAX for interacting with a pre-coded API which stores the ‘state of the game’. The greatest challenge was writing the game logic code in Javascript - it was also the most rewarding!



Citizen’s Bank

I assigned myself this project as a vehicle to learn about wireframing, website design in general, and to begin to learn SketchApp. Additionally I designed the icons, taking pixel perfect design into consideration.



For Parfumerie I tried to find a web retail segment that was in need of an upgrade. I chose Fragrances as my subject and I conducted a competitor analysis. I looked to sites such as Anthropologie, Sephora, for stylistic and architecture inspiration. I designed the name, logo, and icons, to create a brand presence that is x. This project enabled me to continue learning SketchApp and to create responsive webpage layouts (desktop, iPad, and phone).


“Having worked with dozens of design professionals for more than forty years, I would choose Rachael to be on my team every day.  She is a joy to work with, energetic, prolific and very versatile.  Customers ask to work with her because she engenders success in virtually every project she undertakes.”

~ Timothy F. Maher, CEO Nachtmann Crystal


 RACHAEL MILLER :: UX & Visual Design :: phone: 401-447-9894 :: email: Rachael@RachaelMillerDesign.com :: RachaelMillerDesign.com :: RESUME

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