This project is a work-in-progress! I will be documenting the process. Please scroll down to see User Stories, Information Architecture and screen layouts in development.



I built Coffee Geek as my first full-stack app during General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive.

  • FRONT END: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

  • BACK END: Ruby on Rails, JSON, with CRUD actions to access the SQL database

    It was enthusiastically received so I am developing this project as an ongoing learning experience incorporating user surveys, persona development, user maps, interviews, competitive analysis, information architecture, user interface, wireframing, and prototypes. I hope to one day introduce it as a fully functional app!


Create a mobile-first app for coffee aficionados to track coffee bean reviews and coffee tastings.


Identifying and understanding potential users, their needs, context, and pain points. Determining the scope of the project,



  1. Conduct interviews with potential users to determine x.

  2. Develop Survey: What are the likes and dislikes, needs, values, context and goals of the Coffee Aficionado

    RESULT (ongoing process): Posted Coffee Connoisseur survey on GA Slack channels and to largest Facebook Coffee group, ‘Coffee, Coffee, Coffee’ (almost 90k members).  Netted a grand total of 3 responses.  Brainstorming to find survey takers. NEXT: post on smaller Coffee FB groups to see if get better response and go to local coffee hangouts to find coffee lovers willing to participate in survey.

    ASSESSMENT: too early to tell


Conduct a comprehensive review of all apps, blogs, websites, and forums that are potential competitors / are exclusively focused on coffee.

RESULT: a Google spreadsheet cataloguing 54 apps, forums, software, and blogs qualitatively and detailing pertinent information.

ASSESSMENT (in process): Coffee Connoisseur is a viable product. There are apps for professionals, informational sites / apps, but what about for the coffee aficionado who has not made it a full time occupation? 


Number of potential users? What will initial scope of product include?


First Blush persona study.

First Blush persona study.


Will continue to develop and refine Personas as learn more from initial surveys. I will do maps of Persona Journeys to envision and test the flow of how they will interact with the product in the course of a day, identify the ‘Red Routes’ and reverify via prototypes and / or wireframes.


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 3.59.53 PM.jpg


Coffee Geek app screenshots as originally built by me (emphasis in the iteration was on building a full-stack app without focusing on the design of it). The images below are screen shots as the wireframing is very complex.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.51.13 PM.jpg

Updated screenshots for app, now Coffee Connoisseur. Here I have given thought to information architecture, features, priorities, user navigation.

coffee connoisseur work in progress.jpg

PROTOTYPING I have built the first prototype (still in progress) with Sketch and inVision! Click on this link to view the first iteration of a fully interactive prototype! VIEW PROTOTYPE

Next up: Create the STYLE GUIDE to insure consistency, including:

  • FONTS: sizes, types, usages, weights

  • COLORS: primary, secondary, accent and specific usages

  • LAYOUT GUIDELINES: margins, variations of screen layouts


    • INPUT CONTROLS: text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, list boxes, buttons

    • NAVIGATIONAL CONTROLS: slider, search field, pagination, tags, icons, breadcrumb

    • INFORMATIONAL: progress bar, notifications, message boxes, modal windows



Options include watched and unwatched user testing, moderated testing, focus groups, beta testing, A/B testing, and surveys!